“Ello, ello, ello!”

I was rudely awoken at 6 am by someone banging loudly on my front door. I jump up and the shadow I see through the glass of my front door calls out, “Police!”. Shit … is it my brother?… My other brother?… Oh fuck!… I open the door, silently considering what I have in my house… nothing I can be arrested for… at least I think.
“Michelle?” the tall, surprisingly handsome officer enquires. He knows my name. Have I done something? Think, think, think.
“Errrr yes…what’s happened?” I panic, stepping out onto the porch in my grey silk cami and floral flannel PJ bottoms. Anxiety causing my palms to sweat and heart to race.

“Do you own a car Madam?”

“We’ve had a call to the station regarding your vehicle.” What the hell? Has it been nicked? Do the Police come to your houses now for driving in bus lanes?
Happily I was not invited to the station to bail anyone out or identify anyone. I had not been caught breaking any traffic laws. Instead I was led to my car where one of my kids (not naming anyone) had left an i-pad sitting on the back seat… and the door open!
Wow my Faith in mankind has been restored. Someone had called in to report the open door and i-pad.

“Who?” … I will never know but THANK YOU …. what a great way to start the week!

image: http://www.flickr.com



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