In the loo

So I am in the loo of my chalet at a holiday park. Part of a party of 20 that I organised... old friends family and our kids. Wishing my razors were in the bathroom and not outside. The dark cloud has descended and I feel the deep urge to hurt myself. To feel a … Continue reading In the loo


Hot & Sleepless

Tap! Tap! Tap! It's 3 am and I sit on the sofa taping my keyboard, searching random things on the internet - Roller Skates, Legoland Windsor, Kidzania, Peri-menopause, Silent Vibrators, Casio Keyboards with lighting up keys. Woken abruptly at 1 am in a hot sweat, something that has been happening for many months now. Followed … Continue reading Hot & Sleepless